Full of natural light, well-ventilated and air-conditioned, these premises are planned with a comfortable work environment in mind. The floorplates of the building enable flexible workstation arrangement both as open space and as independent office rooms.

Floor: Standard anti-static carpet finish. Raised floor with access panels.
Raised floor zone: 12 cm.
Ceiling: Sound-absorbing suspended ceiling system of mineral fibre panels.
Floor heights: Floor I-IV: internal clear height: 2,75 m, structural floor to floor height: 3,37 m;
Ground floor: internal clear height: 3,25 m, structural floor to floor height: 3,87 m.
Lighting fixtures: Louver luminaires.
Partition walls: Partition walls between the premises of different tenants to be built up to full structural height. Construction to be metal stud with acoustic insulation and two-layer plasterboard with painted finish. Carpet skirting. Other partitions will be built from top of the raised floor up to suspended ceiling. Additionally acoustic screen made of mineral wool will be installed above suspended ceiling and below raised floor.
Internal doors: 3 laminated, single leaf, standard internal doors with doorframes, brushed stainless steel doorknobs and locks will be installed per each 100 m2 of leasable space.
Windows: Aluminum, partially openable.
Sun-blinds: Internal, rolled down and manually-operated.
Toilets: Each toilet contains a separate room for gentlemen, ladies and disabled use. An appropriate number of sanitary facilities for employees is planned depending on the number of workers on each particular floor.

Kitchenettes: There are up to 4 kitchenettes per floor – each located within the respective tenant’s leasable space.
Floor: PVC flooring on raised floor.
Walls: Painted plasterboard. Laminated panels between cabinets and worktop.
Ceiling: Painted suspended plasterboard or mineral fibre panels with integrated lighting fittings.
The ceiling has revision hatches for easy maintenance of installations.